About Me

I'm Mark Lopresto, the menace behind Spyder Haus Design.

I have always been passionate about design. The look; the feel; the connection — and the way a product made me feel after using it — is something I've always wanted to share with others. I began disassembling things at a young age, teaching myself how things worked, and then reassembling them to the point they became different and something special.

I carried this passion through my early education and career by fixing everything for anyone who needed my service. This turned into twenty years cultivating a mastery of building custom motorcycles and cars for both street and race applications.

me then
me then

Not content with doing the same thing for the rest of my life, I revisited my childhood love for computers and convinced Apple to hire me at the “Genius” level. I spent a few great years fixing things at one of my favorite companies.

It was during this period I realized designing and developing digital products not only gave me the same feeling the early days of music and motorcycle building gave me, it allowed me to spend my day doing what I loved using my favorite Apple devices as tools to get things done.

young experimental phase
young experimental phase

I return to music, cycling, and custom motorcycle projects for clients when the time allows. But, these days, most of my professional and personal time involves product design and development.

What does any of this have to do with hiring me for your next project. Directly, they may not be, but it shows a well-rounded individual who is serious about what he works on and who cannot wait to start each day doing what he loves.

My enthusiasm for product design can carry over into your project/product. If we are a good match, you will get the same level of commitment and enthusiasm I display in my own work transferred into your company and your project. It isn't just a monetary resource for me. I carry the same level of accountability and commitment you expect from your own top-level employees.

I've been involved in a wide range of projects from physical to digital. I understand project management and what it means to complete a project on time whilst maintaining reliability. I communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly and effectively.

For web, I design products that can be developed. I know this, because I am a developer and understand what it takes to make design functional, responsive, and reliable. But, I don't mind pushing the design/development boundaries if the end product or end user will benefit.

For small projects, I usually handle both design and development. For large scale projects, I prefer to work with a team.

Thanks for reading — I look forward to working with you

me now
me now

    My current tool box:

  • web, app, and icon design: Sketch, Affinity Design
  • prototype platform(s): Marvel, Keynote, the browser
  • design exports ( if I'm not the developer ): Zeplin
  • code/text editor: Sublime Text
  • browser: Google Chrome ( but, testing in all )
  • written copy: iA Writer
  • print design: Adobe Illustrator and Indesign
  • photo tools: Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo
  • communication: Slack
  • hosting: Digital Ocean

This is by no means an extensive list. I love tools and testing products that make my work efficient. One must evolve as the tools evolve — especially in the digital space.